Thursday, December 06, 2007

21 and over

a new age group. nice.

that was a month ago. man this semester is uber fast.
i have an infatuation for boxes. box there. let's make a box, why that can be a box.. what you say it isn't?

i think i'll paint/knit/sew this winter break. i need to make a nice crisp sharp black shirt with floral finishings and perhaps some trill.. i love that romantic look. maybe make some sketches. somehow, i'm still highly into fashion.. reading those magazines (more like studying the pictures) secretly before i sleep. don't tell.

i can't wait to iron my shirts.

school's been aiiiite. i'd like a few more lazy days with the heater on, a good cup of tazo green tea with lemon grass.

rhythmic rain. there's a tin pipe that catches all the rattle.

i guess now i'm thinking about applying design to things i do, from math hw (that's right i designed that sh_T. to a simple card... mm blind emboss...)

ok seriously my life doesn't change enough wth. i need to something radical.

we've been killing flies recently. winnie and i. the score is uhh me: 1... winnie: 3? haha she just killed one, make that 4.

our food is just tooo good around here.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

i will study i will study


it's almost my birthday!!!! i need to dilute chai from the bag, it's too strong, i feel dizzy and kinda sick. caffienne screws me up.

argh. phobia!!!

anyways. yah that is like all lol


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

it's oc-to-ber!

it's october yo,
and aside from the unhappy sickness I have, I can happily say yay!

I have a macbook pro now, it's quite nice, except the margine of error for typing is much smaller.. (bummer) and so i have to relearn how to type since i actually don't really know how except by muscle memory

jarrod is in europe having fun.

i haven't gone running awhile, i feel so out of shape, so i've decided that i'm going back to running schedule.

monday (i am sooo not running, but I will walk from bart at night, mile and half? lugging? pretty good for my small frame)
tuesday- 3 to 4 miles.--nothing too harsh yet.
wednesday. are you kidding me haha 9 hours of classss
thursday- run in morning, bike in the evening
friday- maybe take up yoga (oh interesting... so trendy.)
sat- try some short miles in the morning, longer run at night
sun- just try to get stuff done. run as mornin waker up?

mostly i wish class wasn't so early, so that i could do an early morning run, i stand at the bus stop feeling quite jealous.

wow i am sick, nothing comes to my silly head, other than orange juice and popsicles.

no bump into ex-profs yet, so i'm safe.

will start knitting in a week.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


like whoa, it's been a long time. dayam.

well i'm not longer allergic to the world, proven by the delicious food eaten at a wedding reception just two days ago in the evening at millbrae.

it was nice to sit on the bart for the hour and half, go past the airport, where the mini-baby barts reside and where I came back from 2 years ago.

could it possibly be so fast? i dare not the think. it's not something i can rely on anymore anyways. I try not to believe, to let any words not mean, it was something of the then and there, nothing here anymore.

knitting wise i finished a scarf, nothing too fancy, just a more fun stitch, waterfall they call it. i haven't done much otherwise. perhaps i shoud crochet a blanket for the baby that will probably come from the wedding i spoke of before.

i'm with someone now. it's funny to read back, i'm quite silly, and i like talking in mixed words, trying to just swing around the truth, dont want anyone to guess, but myself, coming out quite weird and awkward, just my cup of tea.

but now i have someone that makes my weekends sunny. nothing of the sort where you have to see each other everyday.. i can get so sick of everything.

i have a guinea pig. he resides in my apartment, by an alleyway, and he often chills it out with a nice bit of hay and a perfect position of limbs, foot, and head.

i have to make letters all the time. I'm in graphic design.

no one reads this, so i'll take this all as a self reminder, this is what happened at this time, you silly girl. you're still not 21, but you're almost there. in 20 years you'll look back and either feel alot of regret or not, no vague possibilities there.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

been busy

been busy, been sick, even took an ER trip. but we're ok now. i guess i had a series of panic attacks. let's hope that doens't become a trend.

i'm about almost done with the back of my 2nd cph. but that's not too exciting of a pic is it? i dunno. i'll take it later. right now too tired. but i did go to sf(well i always go once a week for class so not thattt exciting) and went to the sfmoma where i saw some o'keefe and that's all i care about right now? eheh there was matisse.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

bag full of fun

fun project for this weekend was a canvas bag with my new sewing machine.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


so my yarn came from webs (i spent half of my last paycheck on yarn..90 dollars worth)

i got:
2 dk cashsoft
7 donegal tweed in that beautiful green in the magazine
5 donegal tweed in lime...

so i guess i could make two more cph? i need more the lime, maybe i'll make it for my sis? hmm... no she needs to learn to knit before i spoil her

today i was supposed to go to school, but there was too much pain from being a woman.

class would end in 2 minutes actually wow.

i've been listening to some Keane...a british band... if you like piano work and cute guys, this is for you ;)

i saw them on saturday actually. goodness they are incredible and have awesome accents, and dress well, and dance well, and heheeh
i can go on and on. sigh. i need to find a boy who dresses with clean cuts ;)

umm what else

oh i got a new sewing machine, the one before was circa 80's or 70's and is all metal, mechanical, and really a piece of art, heavy, and hard-core. alas it couldn't be happy stitching a single hem, the brother 6000i, which can do flowers and leaves, and funny loops. and oh yah it can sew heheh